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You want to learn driving with an English speaking instructor.
Or just want to a few driving lessons
How to get started

Whether you have started the process for your driving license or not, I would strongly recommend starting to study the theory as early as possible.
Sometimes it can be a challenge to find an available time for the theory test, and this theory test must be passed at the National Road Administration before you can book an appointment for the driving test.

You can continue to work on this process while practicing driving.


If you are under 25 years - you need to complete a traffical  basic course before you can start practice driving.

If you are over 25 years - you do not need any courses, or to submit any forms of any kind before you start practice driving, neither you want to drive private - or at a driving school.

Just contact a driving school and apply for a driving lesson, and together you and your instuctor will make a plan for your driving training process. 

If you have a foreign driving license and know how to drive, I recommend to take a trial driving lesson with a driving school to make sure that your driving is according to the Norwegian requirements.

The traffic rules are very much the same all over the world, but there are some small - but very important differences in the Norwegian model. 

If you have a valid licence from EU/EEA and only want to take a few driving lessons, you only have to bring your licence and Id.



  • A good place to start studying theory:

     Provided in English.  

     They also have an app.


  • If you want to apply for the theory- or driving exam;

      The Road Authorities -

      Scroll down to the bottom of the page to translate to English. 

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