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Overview of the mandatory theory - and driving courses

Mandatory theory courses in classroom:

  • Basic traffic course

     If you are under 25 years

  • First aid course

     Including-Responsibilities / what to do.

  • ​Night driving

       About road users in the dark


  • If you are under 25 years, you must compete the Trafical Basic Course (Trafikalt grunnkurs) before you get permission to practice driving, both with your private companion and with a certified driving school. 

  • If you are over 25 years, you can start practicing, both private or at a driving school without any courses. But all mandatory driving-and theory courses must be completed and registered at the latest 3 days before final practical driving test.

Mandatory driving lessons and courses - One to one teaching:

  • Step assessments no.1  

45 min

Together, you and your instructor will assess whether you have the skills required to drive under varying road and traffic conditions.

  • Step assessments no. 2 

45 min

Together, you and your instructor will assess whether you have the proficiency required to start the Mandatory Courses.

  • Safety course on a practice range.

      (Half-day course.)

- How to secure passengers and loads

- Losing and Retaining control of the car.  Skid driving

  • Safety course on road.       

The course is divided into 4 separate days/sessions

1) (90 min Theory in classroom)  The facts and risks of driving.

2) (Half-day course)  Driving on country roads, and high speed areas

3) (Half-day course) Final driving in traffic

4) (90 min Theory in classroom) - Reflection and summary


Mandatory driving lessons and courses must be completed in the mentioned order, and must be marked as completed in the VEGVESEN application by your instructor before proceeding to next course.


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