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If your driving license is not valid in Norway 

If you have a foreign driver's license that is not accepted in Norway, you need to take a theoretical and practical test similar to students taking the exam for the first time.


These tests must be performed at any of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's traffic stations

(Statens vegvesen - trafikkstasjon).

For the driving exam you need a car that is approved for teaching.

Normally you hire from from a driving school. 


You can choose which traffic station (trafikkstasjon) you want to use.


There are no requirements for ordinary driving lessons at a driving school. But even if you know how to drive, you must complete some mandatory courses at an approved traffic school.


How to get started.


My recommended place to study theory is (also in English)

When you feel prepared for it, sign up for theory at

NOTE; You have to meet in person at Statens vegvesen - trafikkstasjon, for the final theory exam.



If you are more than 25 years; you can start driving practice even if theory is not completed.

When you have decided which driving school you want to use, you book a driving lesson so you and your instructor can make a plan for the rest of the process.

NOTE: Many driving schools have an unattended office and are not able to answer if you call. In that case, I recommend that you follow up by sending an SMS.


It is an absolute advantage to have studied theory before you start driving, because usually it is the traffic adaptation that is the challenge in a practical driving exam.

But if you like, can also work with theory and driving at the same time.


Please feel free to follow up if any questions.

Mandatory requirements

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