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Mandatory Theory & Practical Courses

If you are considered a first-time driver, you are required to complete the courses on this page.

Mandatory Theory Courses in a Classroom

Basic traffic course

  • Required only if you are under 25 years old

First aid course

  • Mandatory for anyone considered a first-time driver

  • Learn about first aid, your responsibilities, and how to assess the situation.

  • Register for a First Aid Course

​Night Driving

If you are under 25 years old:

  • You must compete the Basic Traffic Course (Trafikalt grunnkurs) before you are legally allowed to practice driving with a private companion and/or with a certified driving school. 

If you are over 25 years old:

  • you can start practicing privately and/or at a driving school without completing the Basic Traffic Course. But all mandatory driving and theory courses must be completed and registered at least 3 days before your final practical driving test with Vegvesen.

Mandatory Practical Lessons - One to One Lessons

​First Assessment: 45 minutes  

You and your instructor will assess whether you have the skills required to drive under varying road and traffic conditions.


Second Assessment: 45 minutes

You and your instructor will assess whether you have the proficiency required to start the mandatory courses below.

Safety course on a practice range: Half-day course

  • How to secure passengers and loads

  • Skid driving: Losing and retaining control of the car

Safety course on road: 4 Sessions

These courses are divided into 4 separate days/sessions. Completion of courses must be reported to Vegvesen by your instructor before you can proceed to the next course.

Courses must be completed in this order:

  1. 90 min Theory in classroom:  The facts and risks of driving.

  2. Half-day course:  Driving on country roads, and high speed areas

  3. Half-day course: Final driving in traffic

  4. 90 min Theory in classroom: Reflection and summary


Course & Lesson Fees

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