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Requirements - and the practical driving exam.


You must make an agreement with your driving school, and give your instructor authorisation

to schedule an appointment for your driving exam. 

The practical driving test will start off at a trafikkstasjon (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office) 

  • The test lasts  45-60 minutes, and the driving will be under varying road and traffic conditions.

  • The route you will drive, is determined in advance, selected randomly.

  • During the driving it is required that you drive independently following the signs and boards along the route. 

      You may also during the trip, be given a task to park or reverse - or even to find a safe  

      place to turn around and go back.

  • Before driving, you will be given a safety check question/task, for example to check if the tyres of the car fulfils all requirements.


As soon as the exam is over, you will get the result whether you passed or not, and you will be given a written statement on mail explaining the decision made.


The car used for your practical driving test must be approved as a test vehicle by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. You must provide a car with all the extra equipments required for the test yourself. 

Most candidates rent their vehicle from a driving school.



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