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  • What are the mandatory requirements ?
  • Which questions to ask whenyou are comparing drivingschools.
  • If I want to buy a package, doI have to prepay it all?"
  • How can I find out if a driving school is legalised and authorised by the Norwegian Road Authorities.
Night driving - About driving in the dark
3 Teaching hours plus transport time. The course is divided into 4 sessions


  1. The course starts with a brief theory session in classroom. -Transportation to an area where demonstrations will take place

  2. Demonstrations of causes and effects in connection with accidents in the dark.

  3. Driving a car in real traffic situations; appropriate behaviour and use of lights. The driving instructor does the driving, - the students are passengers -Transportation back to the classroom

  4. Summary in the classroom 

20-30 minutes of the course will be held outside. So dress according to the weather

In wintertime; November - 15 March the course must be completed at the latest 3 days before the final driving test. 

If you pass the driving test in the summertime; 16 March - 31 October when there is no dark driving courses offered, you will have to complete a course before February 1. the following year

Basic traffic course
4 evening courses. (+ Night Driving Course in winter-periode)

If you are under 25 years - this course must be completed before you can start practise driving. This replies to both driving with your privatecompanion at home, as well as with an authorised driving school.

If you are over 25 years you can start practise driving without any courses. Both with your private companion at home, as well as with an authorised driving school.

First Aid - About traffic accidents
4 Teaching hours (1 teaching hours is by default 45 min)
  • Responsibilities

  • Rutines on the place of accident Assess the situation

  • First Aid.


One part of the First aid course will be to practiceing recovery position.

Mind your clothing :-)

Must be completed at the latest 3 days before the final driving test.

The mandatory theory courses

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